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DeltaMatrix Set-Up Video

DeltaMatrix vs. “Stick-Built” Extrusion SET-UP COMPARISON

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Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions
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Booth Buddy Setup Instructions 1.2 MB
Companion I Setup Instructions 334 kB
Companion II Setup Instructions 257 kB
Convertible Kit # PU81303 3×1 Setup Instructions 602 kB
Convertible Kit # PU81308 & PU82308 3×2 Setup Instructions 891 kB
Convertible Kit # PU81309 3×3 Setup Instructions 986 kB
Convertible Kit # PU82103 1×3 Setup Instructions 790 kB
Convertible Kit # PU82204 2×2 Setup Instructions 658 kB
Convertible Kit # PU82206 2×3 Setup Instructions 970 kB
Convertible Kit # PU91309 & PU92309 3×3 Setup Instructions 1.1 MB
Convertible Kit # PU91312 & PU92312 3×4 Setup Instructions 1.0 MB
Convertible Kit # PU92103 1×3 Setup Instructions 803 kB
Convertible Kit # PU92204 2×2 Setup Instructions 698 kB
Convertible Kit # PU92206 2×3 Setup Instructions 850 kB
Convertible Standard Countertop Setup Instructions 49 kB
DeltaMatrix Generic Setup Instructions 1.4 MB
End Caps Installation Procedure – Convertible, Maverick & LP3500 263 kB
FreeForm Setup Instructions 1.4 MB
Legend Kit # LE 1521 Setup Instructions 130 kB
Legend Kit # LE 1523 Setup Instructions 214 kB
Legend Kit # LE 1524 Setup Instructions 214 kB
Legend Kit # LE 1534 Setup Instructions 218 kB
Legend Kit # LE 1535 Setup Instructions 271 kB
LP Stretch Setup Instructions 5 MB
LP3500 Tabletop Setup Instructions 465 kB
LP3500 10′ and 8′ Setup Instructions 261 kB
Maverick My Buddy 1×2 Setup Instructions 440 kB
Maverick 2×2 Setup Instructions 677 kB
Maverick 2×3 Setup Instructions 921 kB
Maverick 3×3 Setup Instructions 1.0 MB
Maverick 3×4 Setup Instructions 952 kB
Pirouet Setup Instructions 1.1 MB

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies: SALES

DeltaMatrix Sale: Hitachi

Client: Hitachi
Dealer: E4 Design, Atlanta, GA

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 20’x40’

Retail Price: $250,000 (including graphics and custom elements)

Additional Information »

After an intensive interview process, E4’s designers were prepared to design a dramatic new exhibit for Hitachi. The criteria included: 40’ of linear wall for tools, table-height work surfaces for tool demonstrations, demonstration area for concrete drills, storage and back-office space, highest allowable exhibit structure, reconfigurability and less weight than previous custom built exhibit.

Initially Hitachi asked five exhibit companies to submit a capabilities presentation along with a concept design. After review the list was pared to two companies. E4’s MATRIX solution was chosen over the other traditionally built exhibit due to weight and reconfiguration issues with MATRIX weighing half of the competitor’s design and fitting into one full truck.

Design Solutions Featured:
  • 29’ high tower.
  • 40’ of shelving area featuring a custom puck system on 3/4” birch plywood.
  • Brushed aluminum panels.
  • 16’ high x 13’ wide solid graphic image on 2 sides of high tower.
  • 8’ high x 13’ wide solid graphic image on 2 sides of lower tower.
  • Faux custom rock for drill demo and presentation area.
  • Custom cabinets featuring 2” maple tops and curved plexi sides.

Case Study Analysis: Matrix vs. Custom

The Exhibit:
  • 16’ Center tower
  • Conference room w/windows
  • Four 8’ high kiosks
  • One plasma mount
  • Four light bridges
  • Two reception counters
  • Carpet, Pad, Furniture & Lighting
  • Graphics
This analysis is based on a 4 show annual schedule. The shows are in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Orlando with the exhibit going back to Atlanta after each show. Click on ADDITIONAL INFORMATION to view the analysis.

Additional Information »

Analysis Factors Delta Matrix Custom
Purchase Price $65,000 $55,000
Packaging [2] Crates 4’x4’x8’
[2] Carpet bags
[5] Crates 4’x4’x8’
[2] Carpet bags
Dimensional Weight
Actual Weight (incl. carpet)
2280 pounds
2380 pounds
5700 pounds
6250 pounds
Shipping Costs – Eight legs using the greater weight at $0.89 per pound $15,946/year $44,500/year
Drayage Costs – Average cost of $75 per hundred weight (CWT) of actual weight. $7,200/year $18,900/year
Storage – Based on E4 Design of Atlanta rates of $0.20 per cubic foot plus $15 per carpet bag per month. $1,176/year $2,400/year
Installation/Dismantle – Based on average of $65 per hour plus 30% supervision fee. 28 hours per show
40 hours per show
Refurbishment – Custom is based on 20% industry average for year two. Matrix is based on 3% from actual Laarhoven experience. $1,950/year 2 $11,000/year 2
Total cost for first year:
Total cost for second year:
Total cost for two years:
Other factor to keep in mind: Matrix exhibit can easily and cost-effectively be redesign, reconfigured or re-skinned while custom exhibit cannot.

DeltaMatrix Sale: Lettieri & Co.

Client: Lettieri & Co.
Dealer: E4 Design

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 10’x20’

Retail Price: $55,000 (including overhead structure, backlit signs and flooring)

Additional Information »

Lettieri & Co., a producer of authentic, ready to serve meals, presented E4 Design with a challenge. They planned to launch a new product at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) in Las Vegas, and needed a new exhibit to fit a very demanding budget and list of requirements. Their new exhibit needed to have:
  • An ‘upscale’ look to elevate the perception of their product.
  • The ability to reconfigure into new designs and layouts for future shows.
  • Weight bearing capacity, as heavy food service equipment would be placed on counter tops
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Plus, the entire exhibit needed to work as a functioning food service location.
The Matrix exhibit system was the perfect solution. The client was delighted with their presence and effectiveness at the show, and told Envisio that it exceeded their expecta-tions. On the first day of the show, they sampled over 1200 units of product, and actu-ally gathered a number of leads for Envisio of exhibitors who stopped by to admire their exhibit!

Convertible/Maverick Sale: Pedors

Client: Pedors
Dealer: E4 Design

Product: Convertible & Maverick
Size: 10’x20’

Retail Price: $11,600 (including graphics and banner stands)

Additional Information »

Pedors, a specialty shoe manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Atlanta, ap-proached E4 Design with the need for a display system with a quick turn-around. The count-down to their tradeshow was less than 3 weeks away! At past shows, they used exist-ing pipe and drape with banner stands and conference tables. At this show, they want to make a big graphic splash with a new product launch. The exhibit solution shown in-corporates two Convertible flat frames with a curved Maverick unit in the middle. End caps make the connection to the flat frames.

This solution is perfect for a large graphic and features shelving on both flat frames for displaying shoes. The client will use this display in a 20’ x 20’ space with conference tables out in front and banner stands on the sides. The whole display fits nicely into two wheeled oval cases that will be used as counters at shows.

DeltaMatrix Sale: MacDermid

Client: MacDermid
Dealer: E4 Design

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 30’x40’ (20’x30’ and 41’x20’ reconfigurations)

Retail Price: $90,000

Additional Information »

The tradeshow manager from the printing division of MacDermid came to several seminars at E4 Design Atlanta’s Showroom. She was intrigued with the features and benefits of the Matrix exhibit system. When the VP of MacDermid corporate called her to say he wanted a new booth, the timing was right to make a change to Matrix! His list of requirements for a new exhibit booth suited the Matrix system to a T and included:
  • Ability to reconfigure over the next 6 years
  • Areas to feature large format graphics
  • Conference room
  • Storage space
  • Graphics that can change with every show
  • Lots of curves
  • Reduced shipping and I&D expenses
This Matrix 30’x 40’ solution premiered at the Label Expo in Chicago in September. It features a conference room that is semi private. Frosted plex allows for ambient light. Storage space is available on both sides of the conference room and is accessible by walk in doors. The center 16’ tower features the corporate identity. Curved headers con-tain messages about their products and can be changed with each show. The front plaid on the 12’ wave walls will stay the same with each show, but the interchangeable graphic panels on the backside will change. A hanging, rotating pinwheel sign was used for maximum visibility and continues the use of curves.

The client is extremely happy with Matrix. Their I&D costs were reduced by two-thirds. Shipping costs have dropped as their old custom booth shipped in nine crates, their new Matrix exhibit ships in three. Their drayage cost was also reduced significantly.

Elite Sale: Mozzarella Fresca

Client: Mozzarella Fresca
Dealer: Nationwide Displays

Product: Elite
Size: 10’x20’, 10′x10′

Retail Price: $26,000

Additional Information »

Nationwide Displays had over a dozen clients showing at a gourmet food show in San Francisco. While walking the show floor, he met an exhibitor who was gathering design ideas to replace a labor-intensive, heavy, homemade exhibit that they had used for over 8 years. Several fact-finding conversations followed, and Nationwide Displays put together an Elite exhibit solution that perfectly matched the client’s need for form, function and a less labor-intensive installation. This new exhibit keeps the traditional wood look and Italian theme of the old exhibit. The lightweight, modular panels are easy to install. Aluminum columns weighing only 5 lbs. each are lighter than the client’s old 60 lb. columns. The top capital of each column hooks over an Elite panel. The 10’ center section of the exhibit is moved forward 5 feet from the backwall to create an area behind the exhibit to prepare food for sampling. This 10’ section is also designed for a 10’x10’ reconfiguration. The front reception counter includes a showcase for product and locking door for security. Stock graphic images have the customer’s cheese products scanned into the pictures. The flooring is interlocking carpet, so that sections can be replaced if food and wine is spilled from product sampling.

DeltaMatrix Sale: Yxlon

Client: Yxlon
Dealer: E4 Design

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 10’x20’

Retail Price: $17,000

Additional Information »

E4 Design’s client had been happy with their laminate panel system for a number of years. When their division was acquired by an international company, the need arose for a new exhibit that projected a more contemporary look with an industrial feel. Requirements also included frequent graphic updates, faster installation and dismantle to save on labor costs, and future exhibit expansion capabilities. Delta Matrix was the perfect solution. This 10’x 20’ Matrix exhibit features large format graphics that can easily be updated, literature shelves, a product shelf, and space to accommodate a table and chairs for customer meetings.

Elite Sale: Whitecap Industries

Client: Whitecap Industries
Dealer: E4 Design

Product: Elite
Size: 10’x10’

Retail Price: $15,000

Additional Information »

Whitecap Industries challenged Mason Display Innovations (MDI) to upgrade their im-age for the Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show in Las Vegas. The resulting custom designed Elite exhibit addressed all the necessary guidelines. This included the ability to display the company’s vast product line by providing an upscale slatwall retail environment with modern accent lighting. The numerous counters provided storage as well as top surfaces for additional display area. Future expansion capability, ease of set up for a company representative, and cost effective shipping and material handling costs were important considerations. The rich laminate finish of the exhibit with the ability to change colors by flipping specified panels adds to the flexibility and high end look. The floating 3D logo with matching company ID on the counter added the perfect finishing touch.

DeltaMatrix/Elite Sale: Whitecap Industries

Client: Whitecap Industries
Dealer: E4 Design

Product: DeltaMatrix / Elite
Size: 20’x20’

Retail Price: $85,000 (including graphic design and production)

Additional Information »

Alogent, a leading developer of payment processing solutions, inaugurated their 20×20 Delta Matrix-Elite exhibit solution at the BAI Transpay show in New Orleans in recent years. E4 Design of Atlanta helped to design this unique exhibit solution for their client. The exhibit features a plasma screen theater area, semi private conference space, large software demo areas, and a main counter designed to simulate a bank teller environment. The design makes use of multiple graphic display areas. Perforated prints on plex were featured between the demo stations and conference area to give privacy, yet create an open feel for those in conference. Specialized lighting applications such as back lit columns and downlighting were employed to highlight images and text. Downlighting was integrated into custom canopies to bring attention to important messages and images on the header areas over each demo station. According to Alogent’s brand development manager, “this design captures the essence of Alogent. The images, colors and textures perfectly convey the qualities of our corporate image”.

Case Studies: RENTALS

DeltaMatrix Rental: Ascom

Client: Ascom
Dealer: E4 Design, Atlanta, GA

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 20’x40’

Rental Price:

Additional Information »

In recent years, E4 Designs of Atlanta developed a 20’x40’ rental solution for Ascom’s show in Toronto, Canada.

Ascom, with US headquarters in Atlanta, designs, manufactures and implements parking, toll and fare systems. One of the features of MATRIX that enamored ASCOM was the ability to change the configuration of the exhibit for a new look at future shows without having to re-invest in an entirely new graphics package.

Ascom rented the same square footage for last year’s show but wanted a new look. They did not require private meeting space but did want visible corporate ID. Brad’s solution was to design an open and inviting exhibit with a front rear-lit tower. They were able to use many of the graphics from the previous year and thereby spend $10,000 less than they did in previous years.

Design Solutions Featured:
  • 16’ high tower using same rear lit graphic with different translucent color.
  • Multiple work stations.
  • Standard white laminate panels.
  • Arched Canopy comprised of (5) curved panels going 16’ deep into exhibit.
  • Public and semi-private meeting areas.
  • Exhibit packed in (3) 4’x4’x8’ high crates.
  • Installation took (2) men and (1) supervisor one day.

DeltaMatrix Rental: Basell

Client: Basell
Dealer: Avalon Exhibits, New Castle, DE

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 45’x80’

Rental Price:

Additional Information »

Basell produces polypropylene, polyethylene, and advanced polyolefins materials for a variety of end-uses and is a global leader in the development and licensing of polypropylene and polyethylene processes and catalysts. Established in October 2000, Basell has customers in more than 120 countries and manufacturing facilities in 18 countries on five continents. Basell’s corporate centre is located in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, near Amsterdam. The company has regional offices in Brussels, Belgium; Mainz, Germany; Elkton, Maryland, USA; Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Hong Kong, as well as sales offices in the major markets around the globe.

For this previous year’s NPE show, Basell’s objective was to build sustainable customer relationships following a recent successful company merger. They booked 3600 square feet of space. Avalon designed a custom rental exhibit solution that included a 20’x20’ two story conference area, a 10’ diameter rotating globe and 3 large spacious conference rooms. Incorporated into that design was approximately 200 linear feet of MATRIX varying in height from 16’ to 8’. MATRIX frames were finished in standard white laminate finish to match the look of the components supplied by Avalon. The Basell exhibit is a perfect example of combining traditional custom components with MATRIX modular frames.

Design Solutions Featured:
  • 45’x80’ of exhibit space.
  • 3 large spacious conference rooms.
  • 2 story conference area 20’x20’ in size.
  • 10’ diameter rotating globe.
  • 16’ high backwall.

DeltaMatrix Rental: E Motion

Client: E Motion
Dealer: E4 Design, Atlanta, GA

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 20’x20’

Rental Price:

Additional Information »

Atlanta based E Motion, a first time exhibitor, wanted to make a lasting impression with a unique look. They thought the only way to accomplish this was to own their own exhibit. Being a start-up in a new industry, ownership was out of the question. To the rescue came E4 Design of Atlanta, GA. They were able to help E Motion design a unique Matrix Rental solution incorporating unique panel finishes. The result was a successful introduction of E Motion’s concept of alternative energy rental cars for inner cities.

According to E Motion’s exhibit manager, an exhibit rental was really their only alternative from a budgetary stand point and she was not sure they would be able to make the impact they desired. However, Matrix’s design flexibility made it look like it was actually E Motion’s own exhibit and therefore gave them the presence they desired. E Motion may opt to never own an exhibit again!

Design Solutions Featured:
  • 16’ central corporate Id tower featuring translucent yellow plexi
  • Semi-private conference area with central tower using frosted plexi
  • Combination of faux metal floor and carpet with inlayed logo
  • Plasma screen mounted at eye level
  • One meter overhang around perimeter of tower
  • Tres shelving to display literature
  • Exhibit shipped in only (2) 4’x4’x8’ crates
  • Install took (2) men and (1) supervisor one day to install

DeltaMatrix Rental: EGT

Client: EGT
Dealer: E4 Design, Atlanta, GA

Product: DeltaMatrix
Size: 10’x20’

Additional Information »

Last year, EGT approached E4 Design with a rental need for the IBC show in Amsterdam. Their booth requirements included a look that would recreate the look and feel of their high-tech laboratory environment with the cool, clean look of aluminum and the sterile look of white interiors.

This elegant Matrix solution contains plex walls that are “double-pained” with a darker plex infill on the back, to give the interior low-spectrum blue lights a soft hue and to al-low the lighting to escape through the wall without reflection. The raised platform floor has a high gloss metallic finish with a transparent polymer coated surface and steel laminated edges, further enhancing this eye-catching exhibit. The overhead extrusion allows for spotlights to be discretely placed and angled for effective accent lighting. The custom counter has a contemporary look and contains wood accents accompanied by Matrix components. A standard Matrix frame was placed underneath the counter with castor wheels attached for easy movement. Matrix extrusion on the sides adds to the contemporary look.